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Wildness - Absence of modern artifacts

Last update: 2014-06-24


One of four component layer of the Scottish map of relative wildness. This layer shows the level of modern artefacts (detractors) that are visible. The dataset is on a scale of 1-256 indicating relative levels of visual influence. Consequently the data is best viewed at a national or regional scale. The methodology is adapted from the 2008 Wildness Study in the Cairngorms National Park. NextMap Digital Surface Model (DSM) gives the height of the surface including the detractors from which a viewshed can be produced. Viewsheds up to 15 km were created for 3 feature layers at 50m resolution:

  • Buildings and other structures
  • Railway lines, roads and tracks
  • Pylons and ski lifts

A fourth viewshed up to 30 km was created for wind turbines whose heights were added to a DTM. The resulting calculations were then re-scaled 1-256 to produce the map of lack of built human artefacts.

Please download the GeoTIFF format with _TIFF in the filename!

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Acknowledgment:  Contains SNH information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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